Applicants who are being considered for admission will be invited to attend our recruitment events. Typically, these are held on campus.  However, due to the COVID situation, we will be holding them virtually.  Two identical events will be held on January 20-21, 2022 and February 3-4, 2022 (Thursdays 12:00-7:00pm; Fridays 11am-6:30pm EST).  These will consist of interviews with faculty, informational sessions about our programs and the opportunities at Cornell as well as discussion sessions and social interactions with current graduate students.

We hope that the situation will allow us to invite those who are offered admission to visit campus in March.  Due to the fluidity of the current situation, these events have not been set.  More details will be available at a later time.

Biophysics is committed to inclusiveness and seeks to provide opportunities to all applicants being considered for admission. Any invited applicant who requires special accommodations in order to participate should contact the GFAs in order to make the necessary arrangements.