Marena Minelli

MareMarena Minelli awarded CALS Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Marena Minelli (Class of 2017) was awarded the CALS Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for her role in TAing BIOMG 3340: Computer Graphics and Molecular Biology.

Kara Zielinski

Kara Zielinski receives 2023 Excellence in Leadership Award

Kara ZielinskiKara Zielinski received the 2023 Excellence in Leadership Award at the 2023 Graduate Diversity & Inclusion Awards and Recognition Celebration. This award honors Kara’s demonstrated consistent and sustained ability to improve the graduate and professional student experience through leadership activities.

Life Sciences Diversity Recruitment Weekend: June 11-12

Graduate students from Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology (BMCB), Genetics, Genomics and Development (GGD), Biophysics, and the department of Microbiology and Biomedical and Biological Sciences (BBS) are organizing Life Sciences Diversity Recruitment Weekend – a virtual information session geared towards helping historically underrepresented minority students navigate the graduate school application process. This event will take place virtually June 11-12.

If interested, please fill out a short application before May 15. For more information about the weekend and application process, go to the event website or follow them on FacebookInstagram, and/or Twitter!

Biophysics Class of 2019 at MBG Picnic

MBG Graduate Students Advance Diversity & Inclusion

Graduate students in the MBG graduate programs established the MBG Diversity Council. The mission of this group is to promote, enhance and expand the diversity of the MBG community. They initiate and support programing that promotes inclusivity in the Department. All students, postdocs, staff and faculty in MBG and associated Fields are welcome to join; for more information, go to their website.

Cornell logo

Biophysics @ the Virtual Graduate School Fair — October 27 11am-3pm

Biophysics will be participating in the Graduate School’s Virtual Fair!  This will give prospective students the opportunity to  talk to staff, current students and faculty!

The Cornell University Graduate School is hosting a Virtual Graduate School Fair on Tuesday, October 27 from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (eastern time).   More information and a link to register can be found here:

We hope you to see there!

Yingying Zhang

Yingying Zhang receives the the Hsien Wu and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarship

Yingying Zhang (Class of 2017) has been awarded the the Hsien Wu and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarship.  This award is presented to PhD students who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability and performance and have demonstrated strong character.  Yingying is a member of Dr. Haiyuan Yu’s lab.  See the Graduate School profile of Yingying.