The Graduate Field of Biophysics at Cornell University provides multidisciplinary training at the intersection physics and biology

The Graduate Field of Biochemistry,
Molecular, and Cell Biology

What is Cornell Biophysics?

The research focus of the Field of Biophysics is to uncover the fundamental physical and biological principles that govern all forms of life. Understanding these biological systems and their complex processes requires exquisitely detailed knowledge of molecular structures and functions.

Our graduate program aims to train students for investigating life at this most basic level. Research programs in the Field of Biophysics are often multidisciplinary, aiming to provide quantitative and mechanistic understanding of the fundamental processes common to all cells and organisms.


Research Areas

Our graduate community is made up of committed, enthusiastic researchers who are expanding knowledge about biological processes, as well as educating and inspiring others in regard to scientific inquiry.

Info for Current Students
Biophysics students and faculty pose for a picture MBG Picnic 2019

Our nurturing environment combined with rigorous training and guidance prepares students for successful careers as independent research scientists.

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