Before taking the A-exam, each student will have satisfied all of the five learning objectives below:

Learning Objectives

  • Advanced Mathematics: One semester of mathematics beyond 4 semesters at the elementary undergraduate level is required, two semesters recommended. For a 1-semester course, CHEM 7870 is recommended. Appropriate 2-semesters sequences are: (AEP 4210 and AEP 4220), (TAM 3100 or TAM 6100 and TAM 6110).
  • Physical Chemistry: One course in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics (PHYS 6562 or PHYS 7653 or CHEM 7950 or CHEM 7960) and one course in quantum mechanics (CHEM 3890 or CHEM 7930 or PHYS 4443 or PHYS 6572).
  • Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology: If you have not had basic biochemistry, take BIOMG 3300, or BIOMG 3310 plus BIOMG 3320). To meet the Field requirement: cell biology BIOMG 4320 or 6360 or 4370, or biochem lab BIOMG 4400, or BIOMG 6310 or 6390, with at least a total of five credits at the 400 level or higher.
  • Computer Literacy or Laboratory Electronics and Instrumentation: In lieu of undergraduate experience, computer experience may be gained through either appropriate courses or research experience. Expertise in instrumentation electronics, if not previously acquired, is available through PHYS 3360 or AEP 3630.
  • Advanced Studies in Molecular Biophysics and Associated Areas of Biological and Physical Science: At least three credits are required. This is typically a graduate course in the area of your thesis work.
  • Ethics: A course in scientific ethics is required of all students. See the DGS for details.

Students should freely consult with the DGS and/or with members of their Special Committee regarding appropriate courses.

NB: Courses that are taken to satisfy requirements should be taken for a letter grade. A minimum of B is expected. One required course, and only one, may be taken Pass/Fail.