Stipend & Training Grants


All Biophysics students receive full support for the period of time typically needed to complete the program (between 5-6 years), as long as they are making satisfactory progress in all aspects of their program (academic, research and teaching). This support includes a stipend, full tuition as well as individual medical insurance. (Supplemental family health insurance, dental, and vision insurance is also available for the students to purchase).

The current (2014-15) twelve month stipend level is $31,033.

This support comes from a variety of sources, including a National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Training Grant in Cellular and Molecular Biology, internal and external fellowship as well as Graduate Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships.

Stipends & Taxes: Graduate student stipends are considered taxable by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the State of New York. GRA and TA stipends are administered through Payroll and typically have taxes taken out of each check. Fellowships are typically paid in lump sums throughout the year and do not have taxes withheld. Students should consult their tax advisor to determine how best to handle payment of taxes to suit their particular circumstances.

The Graduate School and Department faculty and staff cannot offer tax advice. For general information about taxes for graduate students, consult the following websites.