Chris Xu
Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics

Chunhui Xu




School of Applied & Engineering Physics
276 Clark Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-2703


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Ph.D. Cornell, 1996
M.S. Cornell, 1993
B.S. Fudan Unviersity, 1989

Research Description

Our research consists of three main areas: biomedical imaging, optical instrumentation, and optical communications. Our emphasis is on the practical applications of photonics and fiber optics, ranging from new concepts and devices to full-scale systems. Techniques involved include both numerical modeling and experimental investigations. Several industrial partners participate in this program, providing capabilities in the fabrication of specialty fibers and optoelectronic devices.


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Cheng, Ji, Martin Pedersen, Kriti Charan, Ke Wang, Chris Xu, Lars Grüner-Nielsen, Dan Jakobsen. 2012. "Intermodal Cerenkov radiation in a higher-order-mode fiber." Optics Letters 37 (21): 4410-4412.

Wang, K., T. M. Liu, J. Wu, N. G. Horton, C. P. Lin, Chris Xu. 2012. "Three-color femtosecond source for simultaneous excitation of three fluorescent proteins in two-photon fluorescence microscopy." Biomed. Opt. Exp 3 (9): 1972-7.

Rivera, D. R., C. M. Brown, D. G. Ouzounov, I. Pavlova, D. Kobat, W. W. Webb, Chris Xu. 2011. "Compact and flexible raster scanning multiphoton endoscope capable of imaging unstained tissue." Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 108 (43): 17598-17603.

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