Manfred Lindau

Manfred Lindau




School of Applied Engineering Physics
217 Clark Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-2703


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Dipl. 1977 (University of Hamburg, Germany: physics),
Dr. rer. nat. 1983 (Technical University of Berlin: chemistry),
Habil. 1991 (Free University of Berlin: experimental physics)

Research Description

  • Characterization of single exocytotic events in cell: attached patches using   
  • capacitance measurements and amperometry
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of exocytosis using nanofabricated electrochemical detector arrays
  • Reconstitution of exocytosis in excised membrane patches
  • Direct visualization of the degranulation process in white blood cells using modern microscopic imaging methods
  • Characterization of docking and fusion between secretory granules and between specific components of the exocytotic machinery using optical tweezers


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