Applications from Students with Disabilities

Cornell policy does not allow discrimination on the basis of disability and has a strong program of support to ensure that students with disabilities will succeed in their studies. Cornell provides reasonable accommodations to all students who have a documented disability (e.g. learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, or systemic) that may affect their ability to participate in student activities and course and program requirements on an equitable basis with their peers. Complete services for students with physical or mental disabilities, ranging from support in the classroom (additional time for exams, print materials in alternative formats, assistive listening devices, additional tutoring and reading services) to housing and transportation services are available from the Cornell Office of Student Disability Services 607-254-4545 (voice), NYS Relay Service, 711 Relay; Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services and their academic advisors for a confidential discussion of their individual need for academic and physical accommodations. Our graduate programs have established a partnership with Student Disability Services at Cornell to accommodate students in our program.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offers services to students in distress or with mental disabilities. The Gannett Health Service offers 24/7 phone consultation with a medical or mental health care provider for any member of the Cornell community with a concern about a student. All faculty receive a copy of “Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook” that provides information to help identify and support students in distress (i.e. mental disabilities such as depression). A peer counselor program is also available to students through Empathy, Assistance, & Referral Service (EARS). More information can be found at